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Presents the DARE-2-Dance method

What we do

  • Teach physical literacy in the classroom
  • Get students to move and learn
  • Energize Science, Math, Language Arts and other school subjects
  • Enrich social-emotional learning through team-play
  • Give students a leg up on learning.

Watch this video

Photos and video taken at Sir James Douglas School in Vancouver.

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We exist to enrich learning for diverse learners. A school classroom is a diverse place. Individuals come to school with different learning needs. There are bright, eager learners. There are shy, pensive ones, too. There are some whose skin colour or cultural heritage has limited their ability to participate fully in education. All come to learn. We teach a program designed to bridge barriers, engage diverse learners, and motivate learning success.

Think of it as a brain gym, musical theatre, and dance lesson combined into one class. Then, string together 12 classes, or more, and you get the idea. Activities are age-appropriate for grades K to 10.

The ‘DARE-2-DANCE’ method offers I-Can-Do-It experiences that support literacy and math skills.

Our unique pedagogy provokes children’s curiosity in curriculum subjects, then accelerates learning through energetic and creative movement activities grounded in dance and live music. Teacher-artists trained in the DARE-2-Dance pedagogy work with classroom teachers to integrate dance with curriculum subjects. Their passion and dance training ensure high quality and vigorous dance instruction. The DARE-2-Dance method follows a successful program created by danseur-savant, (the late-) Jacques D’Amboise, and taught in urban-schools across the USA.

The ‘most invisible’ child in the class is the most important. – Jacques D'Amboise

Generous and visionary people like you are making it possible to reach out to underserved students in schools across Metro Vancouver.

We’ve partnered with the CHIMP Foundation in order to maximize impact for our donors. You get a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation.

Help us reach out to more kids. For every $150 received, a child gets to join in the 12-lesson program.

CHIMP is a donor-advised registered Canadian charity. For more information, visit our ‘Kids Crave To Move’ landing page at the CHIMP Foundation.