engage, educate, empower


engage, educate, empower

Support More Arts-Enriched Classrooms

  • Inclusive Active Learning
  • Boost literacy and math skills
  • I-can-do-it experiences


Teaching To Diversity In The Classroom / The DARE-2-Dance Program is arts enrichment designed to educate the whole child – body, mind and spirit / Watch this video

Video: Taken at Sir James Douglas School in Vancouver.
Photos: Kids taking Danzkool programs at school.


We exist to empower diverse learners to thrive in school. This is harder to do than it should be, because traditional instruction ends up favouring a narrow band of learning styles, mostly text-based. Students who learn well in other ways – say, a visual-spatial learner who might grow up to be an architect, or someone who learns through movement and music, who might become a scientist – might feel discouraged and isolated, struggle to keep up in school, and risk being marginalized. Indigenous children and children from low-income families are at most risk. Think there’s a better way? So do we.

Generous and visionary people like you are helping to change conventional thinking around inclusive learning.

The ‘DARE-2-DANCE’ model offers I-Can-Do-It experiences that support literacy and math skills.

Our model provokes children’s curiosity in curriculum subjects, then accelerates learning through energetic and creative movement activities grounded in dance and live music. Trained teacher-artists work with classroom teachers to integrate dance with curricula. Their passion and dance training ensure high quality and vigorous dance instruction. The DARE-2-Dance model follows a successful program taught by New York City’s National Dance Institute, and their affiliates, in urban schools across the United States.

We’ve partnered with the CHIMP Foundation in order to maximize impact for our donors. You get a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation.

To date, donors and sponsors made it possible to serve over-2,000 school-age children at under-served schools in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey. Help us reach out to more kids. For every $150 received, a child gets to join in the 12-lesson program.

CHIMP is a donor-advised registered Canadian charity. For more information, visit our ‘Kids Crave To Move’ landing page at the CHIMP Foundation.