Dancing is cool at home and at school

silhouette of mature paired dancers
  • “At first we thought boys had those germs...but it’s okay now.”
    Jennifer, Gr. 5, Diefenbaker School
  • “I think dancing’s so cool.”
    Sophie, Gr. 12, Lord Byng School
  • “Do we have to dance with...boys?”
    Megan, Gr. 7, Q Mary School
  • “Turn left. No, the ‘other’ left.”
    Chris, Gr. 7, Q Alexandra School
  • “I want to learn Tango ’cuz I get to hold the girls.”
    Amir, Gr. 12, Elgin Park School
  • “Students asked for hall passes so they could practice their steps at lunch.”
    Ms. Desic, Gr. 7 teacher, D Livingstone School
  • “Dancing teaches me how not to look awkward in public.”
    Sean, Gr. 7, Q Alexander School
  • “Man, you got da moves!”
    Malykh, Gr. 7, J Thompson School
  • “He was a shy kid but he’d practice every night, and leave for school early next morning to find a girl to dance with.”
    Mother of a Gr. 5 boy, Diefenbaker School
  • “The tough boys showed more patience after your dance lesson.”
    Ms. Daly, Gr. 7 teacher, Strathcona School
  • “Some days, he pouts in school...something bad happened at home. But the dance class got him to smile again.”
    Ms. Hyde, Gr. 3 teacher, Cascade Hts School
  • “The kids are really keen to learn.”
    Janet Powell, Vice-Principal, S Brighouse School
  • “I didn’t like dancing at first...but i changed my mind...except, I still can’t accept dancing with boys.”
    Chelsea, Gr 5, Strathcona School
  • “Why does DARE-2-Dance have to stop? We want it to keep going.”
    Navyah, Gr 3, Cascades School
  • “Dancing’s teaches you about life.”
    Sophie, Gr. 12, Britannia School


We bend bodies and train minds so kids can excel in school

photos of youths dancing
Video: Taken at Sir James Douglas School in Vancouver. Photos: Kids taking Danzkool programs at school.

What's News?

What's On?

Our Dance Education programs have enriched the curriculum at over-45 schools around Metro Vancouver. Here's a blog of some current, past and upcoming highlights.

photo-Tim teaching class
Dance educator Tim and musician Kevin lead a spelling exercise for Grade 2/3 kids


Over-500 girls & boys (from grades 2 to 10) took part in 'DARE-2-Dance' programs. Schools that hosted us included Hastings Elementary School, Sir James Douglas Elementary and William Bridge Elementary. Here's a shout out to Boeing Canada, Michael and Terra Breads, Meg and her team at Bloch Canada for being sponsors. You made a difference for the kids ... in more ways than learning to dance.

Individuals stepped up and made it possible to teach summer programs at the Boys And Girls Clubs Of South Vancouver (Fraserview) and the Kidsafe Society (Queen Alexandra School) in 2017. Here's a shout out to Terra Breads, Bloch Canada, and our loving and supportive individual donors which include Judy Lee, Caroline Fung, Alexander Sy, Joanne Mah, Eva Dolejsi, and a growing list of others: THANK YOU.


The 'DARE-2-Dance' program is powered by donors and business/community sponsors like you. Become a donor and make a difference, especially to the kids who can benefit the most from Arts Enriched Learning, but who can afford it the least. Click here to find out how you can help.

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Are you a Teacher, Teaching-Artist or Performance Artist? Are you looking for ideas to engage reluctant dancers in a classroom environment? Or, turn your Performance Art into motivating excellence in learning? The Danzkool offers 'Pro-D' workshops and 'in-class training'. Workshop topics have included:

Dancing activities to engage/motivate participation;
Using dance learning to reinforce Foundational Skills;
innovative ideas for teaching Swing-, Latin American-, Ballroom Dancing and other Partner Dances.

Or, consider a DARE-2-Dance residency. Price-per person: $550 to take part in a typical 10-lesson residency. Email us to inquire.

photo-eruption of dancers
The cycle of chaos-&-creativity: Photo taken at the 'National Dance Insitute' Open House in New York City

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Carole Valleskey, former-principal dancer w/ the Joffrey Ballet (refer to footnotes), joined Tim Mah, creator of DARE-2-Dance, to share innovative teaching methods. Carole shared best practices from having taught dance education in Los Angeles County schools. Tim shared new teaching methods developed for teaching the Danzkool's Salsa-rific, Swing-o-rama and Classico Ballroom units. Both Carole and Tim draw their inspiration from Jacques D'Amboise, founder of the National Dance Institute.

In March & April, 2017: The DARE-2-Dance program was in residence at Sir James Douglas Elementary School in Vancouver's south-east quadrant. Thanks to a grant from Boeing Canada, over-120 students took part in the 2-week intensive. Foundational Skills reinforced included: Learning the alphabet, to spell, numeracy (counting, adding, multiplication), history (the namesake of their school).

photo-Carole Valleskey teaching class
Carole Valleskey leads a class at the California Dance Institute


The DARE-2-Dance program is inspired by the National Dance Institute, or 'NDI', and the Dance Education that they provide to children in over-40 schools in New York City. Danzkool founder, Tim Mah, created the DARE-2-Dance pedagogy to enrich learning for kids in schools around Vancouver, BC, especially kids who are disadvantaged, live in poverty, or otherwise would not get the kind of learning enrichment that other kids get. Read more about NDI and its founder, Jacques D'Amboise in the footnotes below .

photo-Shadowing dance classes
Images taken from teacher training and Open House workshops at "NDI" studios in Harlem, New York

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  1. DARE-2-Dance (D2D) is a Dance Education/Enrichment program that trains Executive Functions and teaches students to get active and strive for excellence through the rigours of music and dancing. The program is inspired by the National Dance Institute (NDI) in New York City. At a typical class: A team of teacher-artists leads the class in progressively challenging games and activities set to live music. DARE-2-Dance is a curricular program: it takes place during regular school hours.
  2. The National Dance Institute ("NDI") was founded by Jacques D'Amboise, New York City Ballet's former-principal dancer. In the mid-1970's, Jacques started teaching in Manhattan schools because he felt students were under-served by the Dance Arts. Today, NDI is supported by a private foundation and serves over-40 schools in New York. NDI-affiliates are located in major cities across the USA. Read more about NDI at this link .
  3. Carole Valleskey is the founder of the California Dance Institute (CDI), an NDI-Affiliate, and former-principal dancer with the Joffrey Ballet. CDI serves public schools in Los Angeles County. Read more about Carole and CDI at this link. Watch a video about NDI teaching methods at this link. [Posted: Mar. 6/17]

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Donate To Help Kids Thrive In School

Children who live in poverty or suffer learning disorders are more apt to fall behind at school. DARE-2-Dance helps to level the playing field. It trains Executive Functions while teaching kids to move, dance and sing. Executive Functions are a better predictor of future scholastic success than IQ.

Yet, some schools are chronically under-served by the arts. We're out to change that, and we need your help. Amplify your charitable giving by donating to our work via CHIMP.

CHIMP is a donor-advised, registered charity. Make a charitable donation: you'll get a tax receipt. Or, visit our 'Kids Crave To Move' landing page to find out more.

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