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  • “At first we thought boys had those germs...but it’s okay now.”
    Jennifer, Gr. 5, Diefenbaker School
  • “I think dancing’s so cool.”
    Sophie, Gr. 12, Lord Byng School
  • “Do we have to dance with...boys?”
    Megan, Gr. 7, Q Mary School
  • “Turn left. No, the ‘other’ left.”
    Chris, Gr. 7, Q Alexandra School
  • “I want to learn Tango ’cuz I get to hold the girls.”
    Amir, Gr. 12, Elgin Park School
  • “Students asked for hall passes so they could practice their steps at lunch.”
    Ms. Desic, Gr. 7 teacher, D Livingstone School
  • “Dancing teaches me how not to look awkward in public.”
    Sean, Gr. 7, Q Alexander School
  • “Man, you got da moves!”
    Malykh, Gr. 7, J Thompson School
  • “He was a shy kid but he’d practice every night, and leave for school early next morning to find a girl to dance with.”
    Mother of a Gr. 5 boy, Diefenbaker School
  • “The tough boys showed more patience after your dance lesson.”
    Ms. Daly, Gr. 7 teacher, Strathcona School
  • “Some days, he pouts in school...something bad happened at home. But the dance class got him to smile again.”
    Ms. Hyde, Gr. 3 teacher, Cascade Hts School
  • “The kids are really keen to learn.”
    Janet Powell, Vice-Principal, S Brighouse School
  • “I didn’t like dancing at first...but i changed my mind...except, I still can’t accept dancing with boys.”
    Chelsea, Gr 5, Strathcona School
  • “Why does DARE-2-Dance have to stop? We want it to keep going.”
    Navyah, Gr 3, Cascades School
  • “Dancing’s cool...it teaches you about life.”
    Sophie, Gr. 12, Britannia School


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