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  • “At first we thought boys had those germs...but it’s okay now.”
    Jennifer, Gr. 5, Diefenbaker School
  • “I think dancing’s so cool.”
    Sophie, Gr. 12, Lord Byng School
  • “Do we have to dance with...boys?”
    Megan, Gr. 7, Q Mary School
  • “Turn left. No, the ‘other’ left.”
    Chris, Gr. 7, Q Alexandra School
  • “I want to learn Tango ’cuz I get to hold the girls.”
    Amir, Gr. 12, Elgin Park School
  • “Students asked for hall passes so they could practice their steps at lunch.”
    Ms. Desic, Gr. 7 teacher, D Livingstone School
  • “Dancing teaches me how not to look awkward in public.”
    Sean, Gr. 7, Q Alexander School
  • “Man, you got da moves!”
    Malykh, Gr. 7, J Thompson School
  • “He was a shy kid but he’d practice every night, and leave for school early next morning to find a girl to dance with.”
    Mother of a Gr. 5 boy, Diefenbaker School
  • “The tough boys showed more patience after your dance lesson.”
    Ms. Daly, Gr. 7 teacher, Strathcona School
  • “Some days, he pouts in school...something bad happened at home. But the dance class got him to smile again.”
    Ms. Hyde, Gr. 3 teacher, Cascade Hts School
  • “The kids are really keen to learn.”
    Janet Powell, Vice-Principal, S Brighouse School
  • “I didn’t like dancing at first...but i changed my mind...except, I still can’t accept dancing with boys.”
    Chelsea, Gr 5, Strathcona School
  • “Why does DARE-2-Dance have to stop? We want it to keep going.”
    Navyah, Gr 3, Cascades School
  • “Dancing’s cool...it teaches you about life.”
    Sophie, Gr. 12, Britannia School

Our Moves

A Quick Bio About Tim

My name is Tim. Kids call me The Danzman. I’m a performance artist. My art is Ballroom Dancing. My performance is teaching it.

I’m a BC Champion and Canadian Championships Finalist in 10-Dance and Latin American categories. I hold ‘Level 3 NCCP (Coaching) certification’ and membership in the Canadian Coaching Association - soccer is another love of mine. Fyi, I hold a Bachelor of Applied Science (University of British Columbia) and Master of Business (Simon Fraser University).

But, it’s through dancing and sports that I’ve learned to resonate.

photo of Tim Mah, and Tim dancing

Where It Comes From

I’ve worked as a Professional Engineer, business manager, writer, and university counselor. But, my day jobs could not keep me away from dancing. When CBC Radio produced a documentary about my dancing career, I discovered a talent for teaching. Now, I love nothing more than to share my passion for dancing with people of all ages - especially, kids and youth.

Empowerment, Trust, Confidence

When I teach Ballroom Dancing, I’m really taking students on a journey - Challenge, trust, empowerment, cooperation, achievement, confidence. I’m there for the students. I engage even the most resistant to open up and learn. They’re shown how much fun it can be. I empower them with strategies for success. Then, let them discover their own limits.

And, if there’s any doubt, I can deliver an awesome dance demo. That’s the performance artist in me.

Why I Do It

The changes are incredible. Shy students become bolder. The awkward ones start to swagger by program’s end. The tough ones soften up. And, the alpha types dance with the geeks.

Cooperative, active learning breaks down barriers. Fears and anxieties subside. Enthusiasm, attentiveness and a desire to learn take over. Soon, the student resonates with new-found confidence.

Fight Obesity. Fight Bullying.

Ballroom Dancing is an ideal vehicle for teaching children and youth the finer qualities of life. Many teachers believe that Ballroom Dancing can help mitigate problems associated with a student’s physical well-being (obesity, substance abuse, lack of exercise), emotional well-being (poor self-esteem, depression), and social well-being (bullying, gangs, violence, crime).

Knowing this, I want to get the dancing out to all students and schools that want it - the sooner, the better.