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  • “At first we thought boys had those germs...but it’s okay now.”
    Jennifer, Gr. 5, Diefenbaker School
  • “I think dancing’s so cool.”
    Sophie, Gr. 12, Lord Byng School
  • “Do we have to dance with...boys?”
    Megan, Gr. 7, Q Mary School
  • “Turn left. No, the ‘other’ left.”
    Chris, Gr. 7, Q Alexandra School
  • “I want to learn Tango ’cuz I get to hold the girls.”
    Amir, Gr. 12, Elgin Park School
  • “Students asked for hall passes so they could practice their steps at lunch.”
    Ms. Desic, Gr. 7 teacher, D Livingstone School
  • “Dancing teaches me how not to look awkward in public.”
    Sean, Gr. 7, Q Alexander School
  • “Man, you got da moves!”
    Malykh, Gr. 7, J Thompson School
  • “He was a shy kid but he’d practice every night, and leave for school early next morning to find a girl to dance with.”
    Mother of a Gr. 5 boy, Diefenbaker School
  • “The tough boys showed more patience after your dance lesson.”
    Ms. Daly, Gr. 7 teacher, Strathcona School
  • “Some days, he pouts in school...something bad happened at home. But the dance class got him to smile again.”
    Ms. Hyde, Gr. 3 teacher, Cascade Hts School
  • “The kids are really keen to learn.”
    Janet Powell, Vice-Principal, S Brighouse School
  • “I didn’t like dancing at first...but i changed my mind...except, I still can’t accept dancing with boys.”
    Chelsea, Gr 5, Strathcona School
  • “Why does DARE-2-Dance have to stop? We want it to keep going.”
    Navyah, Gr 3, Cascades School
  • “Dancing’s cool...it teaches you about life.”
    Sophie, Gr. 12, Britannia School


Kids Crave to Move.

DARE-2-Dance is a dance arts pedagogy that engages children and youth through the arts, and motivates them toward excellence. DARE-2-Dance empowers children and youth to:

  • leave their desk/couch,
  • engage both the mind and body in experiencing ‘active’ learning,
  • acquire/refine motor skills,
  • follow instructions,
  • identify/assess risks,
  • develop/enhance memory strategies,
  • learn fundamentals of dancing,
  • and work collaboratively toward a common goal: the group performance.

All done to live music.

photo of more youths dancing

blurred photo of more youths dancing

Integrated Learning Starts With Curiosity.

DARE-2-Dance uses activities, contests and animated memory games to create new paths for learning. Dancers might find themselves rapping to a poem that compares the contributions to Science of Sir Isaac Newton’s theories versus those of Albert Einstein’s. They may be called on to animate through choreography key events and people in History. Older students might use movement and choreography to frame their thoughts on the right to clean water, “Gay rights” and other Social Justice topics. Or, dancers may find themselves linking and unlinking hands and feet in a true-to-life portrayal of a computer algorithm caught in a “recursive loop”.

The DARE-2-Dance artistic team works in close consultation with its Programs Advisory Board consisting of engineers, educators and artists who are passionate about inspiring children and youth to learn.

Inspired by work done by the National Dance Institute (NDI) in New York City schools, the Danzkool Company, in partnership with the Chimp Foundation, reaches out to schools and communities through the DARE-2-Dance “In-School Program” and our new “Summer Program”.


Dare-2-Dance Summer Program 2017

(TBA: Sometime in July, after the Canada Day holiday ... stay tuned)

Over-30 hours of Active Learning: dance arts and music instruction made ‘accessible, inclusive and engaging’.

Taught by professional Teacher-Artists (dance and music) passionate about inspiring children/youth through the arts.

Limited enrollment: 36 students.

Open to girls and boys ages 8 to 13 years old.

Open to a range of ‘abilities’ including wheelchair dancers and visually impaired dancers – please enquire.

Dancers encounter Jazz, Swing, Latin American, African, and/or Ballroom Dancing performed to live music.

Students get to connect, build social skills, explore movement, take creative risks, and learn to dance in an ensemble setting.

Partner Dancing brings a different set of challenges. Dances like Swing, Salsa, Tango, Cha Cha, Mambo, New Style Hustle, and others require dancers to master synchronous steps and subtle hand gestures done close contact with a partner.

Culminates in a performance for family and friends.

photo-program for kids